IT Learning Partners

Neo Terra IT Solutions cc. 2017

Sage One Accounting



Day 1


Starting Sage One Accounting

• Sage One Accounting

• The online help and supporting documentation

• The sign up process for Sage One Accounting

• Logging into your company

• Navigating within Sage One Accounting


Maintain and administer your companies

• Maintaining your companies

• Creating users and assign permissions

• The overview of cycles in accounting

• Changing your password

• My profile


Create and maintain your supplier master files

• Supplier master files

• Creating your suppliers


Create and maintain your item master files

• Item master files

• Creating your items


Create and maintain your customer master files

• Customer master files

• Creating your customers


Processing supplier and customer documents

• The different transactions

• Process supplier transactions

• Process customer transactions

• Processing with analysis codes

• Receiving and making payments


Other Functionalities

• Quick views

• Generate reports

• Customer statement run

• The different reports in Sage One Accounting

• Favourites

• Losing your work


Day 2


Maintaining your companies

• Maintaining your companies

• Setting up the company VAT periods

• Importing and exporting data


Suppliers, Items and Customers

• Maintain existing suppliers

• Adjust supplier opening balances

• Maintaining your items

• Item adjustments

• Maintain existing customers

• Adjust customer opening balances

• Creating your sales reps


Create and maintain other master files

• Other master files

• Creating your accounts

• Adjust accounts opening balances

• Sales and purchase accounts

• Account reporting groups

• Create your bank accounts

• Maintaining your bank and credit card accounts

• Adjusting bank and credit card opening balances

• Creating your assets

• Creating analysis codes


Processing and editing documents

• Processing with analysis codes

• Editing documents


Processing banks and credit cards

• Process banks and credit cards

• Reconcile banks and credit card transactions

• Import and map bank statements

• Automatic bank feeds

• Manage automatic bank feeds

• Budgets


The accountant’s area

• The accountant’s duties

• The accountant’s area

• Processing journal entries

• VAT returns and reports

• Processing other VAT related transactions

• The accountant’s reports


Other Functionalities

• The different reports in Sage One



• Compare reports to budgets

• The VAT 201 calculation report

• Opening balances




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